Acupuncture for Pets

Acupuncture is a technique mainly performed on humans, but have you ever heard of acupuncture for pets? Acupuncture for pets is fast emerging as a viable non-conventional treatment option for pets from various health issues like indigestion, allergies, hip dysplasia, and isolated neurological disorders.

Does your pet have persistent health issues? Then, visit us at Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Clifton, NJ, for further insight into animal rehabilitation and acupuncture for pets. 


What Is Acupuncture for Pets?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing technique used on both humans and animals. The method entails, placing needles on various points on the surface of a pet’s body, where blood vessels and nerves interject. The process aims to trigger the animal to release certain chemicals and hormones to heal itself.

Acupuncture can be used in pets concurrently with other conventional treatments prescribed by your pet’s veterinarian. A near-endless list of benefits is in store for your pet should they undergo acupuncture.

Acupuncture for pets aims to alleviate specific health issues, while simultaneously opening blocked energy or chi. In Chinese practices, illness is believed to occur if one’s energy is blocked. Therefore, acupuncture restores an energetic and chemical balance to prompt the pet’s natural healing abilities. 

Benefits of Acupuncture for Pets

Acupuncture for pets can contribute significantly to both physical and mental well-being. Leading benefits of acupuncture for pets include:

Speeds Recovery after Injury

When your dog or cat is injured, they experience immense pain and discomfort during recovery. The vet may prescribe analgesics to relieve pain, but acupuncture can be an additional treatment to offer pain relief and speed up recovery.

Acupuncture helps reduce inflammation, relax your pet’s muscles, aid blood circulation, and prompt faster healing.

Triggers Weight Loss

Bringing the pet for regular walks, running, and intensive exercises is one way to help them shed the extra weight. However, an easier alternative would be to seek acupuncture treatment for weight loss for your pet. Acupuncture works by stimulating cells to turn fat cells into lean muscle, while simultaneously increasing your pet’s metabolism.

Reduces Anxiety

Most pets have behavioral issues, and anxiety. Acupuncture helps lower cortisol levels, calming pets and thus regulating behavior in aggressive dogs, fearful cats, or generally stressed pets.

Alleviates Allergies

Veterinary acupuncture aims to increase blood circulation and helps the pet monitor its immune system, ultimately alleviating allergic reactions. Thus, acupuncture helps your cat or dog react less to allergic triggers like mold, pollen, additives, and certain foods. You may also notice smoother skin and less irritation on a pet with rashes, dermatitis, or granulomas.

Helps with Gastrointestinal Issues

Diarrhea, nausea, and motion sickness are a few gastrointestinal issues in a pet that acupuncture can help manage. Acupuncture works by increasing blood flow and triggering the release of endorphins to relieve tension and support normal digestion in pets.

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