Pet Rehabilitation

A dog or a cat is no different from a person in that they require significant time and effort to recover from a major health concern like surgery, a broken bone, or cancer treatment. It is natural for pet owners to want the best for their pet's health, and for those who want their pet back at 100% in the least amount of time, animal rehabilitation services can provide a road to recovery that adheres to veterinary standards and guidelines. At Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Montclair, NJ, we have the veterinary care expertise to help your dog or cat get back on their feet after a major health concern.


The Benefits of Rehabilitation

Rehab for pets is similar to a person's rehabilitation in that they may need to "re-learn" how to do tasks such as walking or jumping. Our pet physical therapists understand the challenges that pets face once they have had a health problem. We are experienced in working with pets back towards proficiency in their movements and everyday functions. What's more, we are familiar with all manner of pets and know the best practices for success no matter the breed, size, or temperament of your pet. Since specific breeds often have specific problems, we understand how best to develop a treatment plan and make certain that your pet will get the best care and rehabilitation possible. We can also tailor rehabilitation for older pets who may not be able to tackle the physical tasks of a younger dog or cat. 

Pet rehabilitation therapy can have many different goals, which can often be achieved with a single regimen. While range of motion is a key component, pain relief can also be a goal of animal rehabilitation. Some pets may feel pain as they try to get back to normal after a surgery or a medical treatment. Treatments can include swimming, massage, or specialized workouts meant to strengthen a pet's body and keep them from being exhausted.

Are You Considering Pet Rehabilitation?

A pet rehabilitation treatment at Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Montclair can effectively address your pet’s health concerns. Call us today at (973) 509-5225 to find out more information about your pet's options for rehabilitation, as well as how you can receive a specialized plan to improve their quality of life not just in the short term, but over the course of their lifetime.


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