Neurological Conditions

When a pet is injured, develops a neurological condition or has major surgery, they need rehabilitation just like their human counterparts. This veterinary rehabilitation can take a number of different forms to restore the animal’s active health and wellness. In the Clifton, NJ area, Valley Animal Rehabilitation offers a more extensive range of injury rehabilitation services than most veterinary practices are able to provide. Our team is committed to helping pets recover from neurological conditions, surgery, injury or illness.


The Animals We Treat

As a veterinary rehabilitation center, we treat animals that are recovering from serious surgical procedures such as fracture repair, spinal cord surgery or joint surgery. We also provide pet rehab for animals experiencing issues with arthritis, Wobbler’s syndrome and cruciate disease. We can also address a pet’s weight issue if one exists.

Types of Therapies

We offer a full range of active and passive therapeutic modalities to help animals. These include laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Many pets benefit from our underwater treadmill, cryotherapy and resistance pool. Our team also performs acupuncture and manual therapy, such as massage and joint mobilization. Our exercise programs can help pets and their owners get their weight under control. The goal of all of these therapeutic modalities is to promote healing and reduce pain.

How to Recognize When Your Pet Has a Neurological Condition

There are several indicators that your pet may have developed a brain disorder. These indicators can include seizures, head tilt and tremors. Paralysis, an unsteady gait and problems with urinating can indicate that there are problems with the spinal cord. If you observe that your pet has difficulty blinking or using their tongue, these too can be indicators of neurological issues.

When Pet Rehab is the Best Option

With the right injury rehabilitation, a pet that is experiencing neurological problems can enjoy a long, happy life. Pet owners can be confused by the symptoms of animals experiencing neurological conditions such as vestibular disease or Wobbler’s syndrome with those of a stroke. Vestibular disease is a neurological condition where the dog may have difficulty standing, nausea or begin tilting the head. With Wobbler’s syndrome, which primarily affects larger dogs, spinal cord compression can affect a pet’s walk. Seizures are another condition that can impact a pet’s ability to live a normal life. Through appropriate therapy, even older dogs can regain their balance and reduce their symptoms. Our team is committed to the health of every animal that we treat.

At Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Clifton, our team cares for the wellness of your pet. If your pet has a neurological condition or is recovering from surgery, our team will use a variety of therapeutic modalities to get them back on the road to a healthy life. When your pet has a neurological issue, don’t delay. Give us a call today!


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