Neurological Rehabilitation for Animals

Pets, just like people, can have neurological issues and need rehabilitation. If you live in the Clifton, NJ area, you can bring your pet to Valley Animal Rehabilitation. We offer services like neuromuscular electrical stimulation and dog head massages.

Neurological Rehabilitation for Animals

What Are These Neurological Conditions?

Animals can have neurological conditions that affect their nerves and muscles. As a result, they can have issues with their gait, which can greatly affect their quality of life. These conditions can be anything from being bitten by a tick, having botulism, myasthenia gravis, being bitten by a coral snake, having inflamed muscles, or having what’s known as “Coonhound paralysis.” There are other causes, but they are less common. Other factors include infection, cancer, metabolic issues, trauma, and improper blood flow through the nervous system.

What Should I Be Looking For?

There are several signs you can observe. Your pet may have weakness in their limbs, limp, or show reluctance to walk. Their voice may change, and they may vomit. They may have seizures, walk in circles, experience blindness, or seem confused. All of these symptoms can indicate other issues, so it’s best that they get examined by a vet to determine what is going on.

What Happens at Rehab?

The course of rehabilitation depends on the cause of the neurological issue. Your pet may need to undergo hydrotherapy, which involves walking on an underwater treadmill. They may stand on balance boards, which will help realign their posture so that they can stay upright. Trained staff will work closely with your pet to ensure they are progressing as they should.

What About at Home?

Just like doing physical therapy yourself, there are things that you can do for your pet to aid their recovery. The rehab center will provide you with a list of exercises or other activities that can help your pet return to their optimal physical and mental state. If you do these exercises along with the rehabilitation, it will speed up the process.

It can be hard to see your pet in this kind of condition. Undertaking rehab will help you get the old pet that you love back or improve their quality of life so that they can enjoy how their body now functions. That will be best for both of you.

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