Laser Treatment for Pets

Most pain management in pets for years has been associated with pharmaceuticals and rest. However, laser treatment is a more direct means of helping pain relief and faster healing. Laser treatment has can help with pain-inducing conditions such as inflammation and aggravated wound symptoms. Laser treatment for pets involves the concentrated use of light to trigger changes in the animal body’s behavior. The result is both accurate as well as powerful, particularly when dealing with soft tissue injuries. We at Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Montclair, NJ, know a lot about laser treatment.

Laser Treatment for Pets

Application and Use

Laser treatment can be used in many ways by our veterinarian. These include a therapeutic approach, which helps encourage the body to react with stimulation and growth. That in turn helps repair tissue increasing blood flow. The second method is the hotter version people are more familiar with, which produces a burning effect, and, when applied with accuracy, can kill off infection and invasive elements in a pet’s body. In most cases, vets apply laser treatment to reduce pain symptoms, increase blood flow to the injured area, and trigger accelerated healing. Hot laser approaches are rare and usually only applied during surgical procedures.

Regular Candidates for Treatment

Older pets with chronic arthritis are good candidates for laser treatment. The regular pain and inability to move well from inflammation and joint creates a need for pain relief. Pets with soft-tissue injuries such as muscle and tendon damage can benefit as well. And, of course, surgical applications with trauma and invasive procedures using lasers can also benefit.

Pets who have bad side effects from drug treatments tend to respond better with laser treatment in comparison to the drugs. Cats also benefit, who rarely do well at all with any kind of ingested pharmaceutical. When a pet is simply too dangerous to handle closely, a laser treatment can be applied instead for positive results.

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Pet owners seeking pain management and pain relief for their animals, particularly older pets or those suffering from serious surgery experience and those who need rehab for pets can benefit greatly from laser treatment. We here at Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Montclair, NJ, are fully equipped with the latest equipment and a fully trained team to help pets of all types, from regular cats and dogs to more exotic species. If your pet is simply not responding well to normal recovery methods, then an alternative rehab for pets may be the answer. Call us today at (973) 509-5225 book appointment.


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