Pet Laser Therapy

Treating diseases might mean using powerful medications. However, there are other options for disease treatment and animal rehabilitation. If you live in the area of Clifton, NJ, contact us at Valley Animal Rehabilitation to see if laser therapy is right for your pet. 


Treating Pain, Inflammation, and More with Laser Therapy

Pet laser therapy can be used for animal rehabilitation and disease treatment. Laser therapy for pets uses specific wavelengths of light to potentially help stimulate the body's natural healing processes. It may be possible to treat various conditions in pets, including inflammation, wounds, and soft tissue injuries.

Laser therapy can also help get your pet pain relief and pain management. The process is comfortable for the pet and some pets might actually fall asleep during treatment. Be sure to speak with a vet on our team to see if laser therapy is a good option for your companion and his or her condition.

A Look at How Laser Therapy May Help Promote Natural Healing

How can laser therapy potentially help with healing in your pet? Laser therapy can help improve circulation and oxygen supply, which may help promote natural healing. Good circulation might be necessary to keep the healing process going at a good rate. If the injured or ailing parts of your pet’s body are not getting enough blood, it will be more difficult for those parts to heal. This may result in a longer recovery time which may also mean an increase in the amount of time that your pet has to spend in pain.

Ready to Pursue Laser Therapy for your Pet?

Laser therapy is non-evasive and can be safer than more invasive treatments. Multiple sessions may be required to achieve results. Depending on the pet's needs, the therapy may be used in conjunction with other treatments.

Our veterinarian is here to provide pet laser therapy in order to help your pet get pain relief and pain management. We can also provide other types of treatments to help get your pet relief and to help him get back on his feet from an injury. Animal rehabilitation is our specialty.

Visit Us for Animal Rehabilitation from Our Veterinarian on Our Team

Call us at Valley Animal Rehabilitation, serving Clifton, NJ, to speak with a veterinarian about laser therapy to help get pain relief for your pet. Call us at (973) 509-5225 for pet inflammation relief.


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