Water Therapy

When it comes to rehabilitation for your pet, you want the best. You want to know that your pet will be able to recover from an injury or medical procedure fully so that he or she can enjoy life again. Water therapy is one effective option that could help your pet get back on track. Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Montclair provides rehab for pets, especially dogs who would benefit from water therapy. Here's what you should know about water therapy before your pet's first appointment.


Understanding Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a rehabilitative technique that is commonly used as part of rehab for pets. Water provides natural resistance, which allows an animal to exercise while only partially submerged in the water. The water is at a comfortable temperature and works to relieve strain on your pet's joints.

How Water Therapy Works

Hydrotherapy often uses a swimming pool and underwater treadmill. Our animal rehabilitation therapist will develop a specialized plan that focuses on your pet's needs. Several types of water therapy are available to exercise the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. For example, your pet may benefit from exercising in warmer water for improved healing and mobility, whereas colder water may reduce inflammation. At your pet's first appointment, your dog may need time adjusting to the therapy or the water. Once in the water, your pet will be encouraged to walk on the treadmill. Our provider will provide the next steps based on your pet's performance and comfort.

The Benefits of Water Therapy

Water therapy is a great option for many pets because it is so simple. It is natural and does not require surgery or any other treatments with side effects. Water therapy also improves blood circulation, promotes tissue healing, and reduces swelling of the joints.

Dogs benefit from water therapy if they:

  • Have been diagnosed with arthritis or another joint disease
  • Have been diagnosed with muscle or nerve injury
  • Need to lose weight
  • Experience an age-related condition
  • Experience post-operative or post-trauma pain

Not every dog will be a good candidate for water therapy, so it is important to consider different options with our animal rehab specialist. Additionally, our provider may pair hydrotherapy with other treatment options to ensure your pet experiences a fast and effective recovery.

Schedule Water Therapy for Your Pet Today

Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Montclair offers water therapy and other rehab treatments for animals. If you think your pet would benefit from rehab and water therapy, our office can help. Call our team to schedule an appointment today.


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