Pet Physical Therapy

If your pet has an injury, you want to ensure it is not in pain and that it receives the appropriate treatment to heal quickly and easily. In the Clifton area, Dr. Henderson and our team at Valley Animal Rehabilitation are here to help your pet feel healthier and provide the physical therapy needed to regain strength after an injury. Our veterinarian and staff can also offer you peace of mind. 

Pet PT

How Physical Therapy Helps Your Pet

Physical therapy is an excellent way to restore range of motion in your pet after an illness, injury, or accident. Similar to humans, physical therapy aims to increase movement and reduce pain. This may involve enabling your pet to walk more freely, climb stairs, or move comfortably in ways that allow it to do what it needs. Over time, it may even be able to run and play again.

The Importance of Animal Rehabilitation

With a focus on animal rehabilitation, our veterinarian and staff understand that physical therapy can be used to help animals of all types return to their normal activities. This applies to your pet as well. Depending on the cause of your pet's struggles, rehabilitation may involve various methods in addition to physical therapy. By working with us, you and your pet have a higher chance of spending more quality time together, both now and in the future.

Recovering After an Injury

While some pets may recover well on their own, recovery is generally faster with the assistance and support of physical therapy and other treatments. In some cases, additional treatment may be necessary, particularly if your pet has lost a limb or sustained other extensive injuries.

Regaining Strength

In addition to moving more easily and without pain, your pet can regain strength through physical therapy. Increased strength allows the pet to enjoy more of life, easily reach their bed, food, and water dishes, and spend more time with you. Your pet deserves the best life possible, and having more strength and less pain is a significant part of achieving that.

Work with Our Veterinarian Today

If you are in the Clifton area, our team at Valley Animal Rehabilitation is ready to help your pet regain strength after an injury. Contact us today at (973) 509-5225 if you are seeking physical therapy for animal rehabilitation. This can alleviate your pet's pain and improve their mobility, leading to a happier future.


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