Care for Elderly Pets

The Many Ways Veterinary Rehabilitation Can Help Senior Pets 

We at Valley Animal Rehabilitation in Clifton, NJ, know how important your senior pets are to your family. As pets begin to age, it is imperative to make sure the care you provide to your older pets is adjusted accordingly. Part of that care may require veterinary rehabilitation. There are many ways in which pet rehab can help alleviate some ailments that senior pets suffer from as they begin to age and help extend their life expectancy. 

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Relief for Achy Joints 

One of the main issues that senior pets suffer from as they age is achy joints due to arthritis. We have various services available to help relieve pets from achy joints. For less severe cases, we will work with you to develop an exercise plan for your animal to do in the comfort of your home to help ease the joint pain. In the event the issue is more serious, we recommend Hydrotherapy. By using water to exercise the animal, it takes the weight off of his or her joints and allows it to build strength without the pain caused when all of the weight is placed on the joints. Not all pets will react well to the water. However, we have alternative treatments such as Pulsed Signal Therapy to help relieve the pain from any joint issues. 

Injury Rehabilitation after Surgery 

As pets age, there will undoubtedly come a time when he or she is injured or develops a condition that requires surgery. When that occurs, it is critical to start a pet rehab schedule immediately. Depending on the nature of the injury or surgery, we will recommend an option to help your animal recover more quickly. For surgery, we can utilize medical laser treatment to help the surgical area to heal faster.

Maintain a Healthy Weight 

Elderly animals are less mobile, and as a result, they tend to put on more weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for senior pets to live a long and healthy life. If your pet is gaining weight, we can put together a home exercise plan that will not put too much strain on the pet’s joints. For more severe cases, in which the pet is obese, and their heart could be in danger, we may recommend hydrotherapy to help with weight loss. 

Help Your Elderly Pets Live Happy and Healthy

If you are interested in learning more about how a veterinary rehabilitation plan can help your senior pet, reach out to us today by calling (973) 509-5225. We proudly serve the Clifton, NJ, area. 


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