Feline Physical Therapy

Your precious feline companion might have been injured, developed a condition, or needed surgery. As a result, they may need cat physical therapy. If you're in the Clifton area, you can bring them to Valley Animal Rehabilitation, where we'll work closely with them to get them back to where they were before.

feline physical therapy

Why Would Your Cat Need Rehab?

There are a number of things that can happen. It could have been hit by a car and had some broken bones, which can necessitate some rehab to help them walk normally again. They could have arthritis. There's also something known as Wobbler's Syndrome, when a certain part of a cat's brain doesn't develop properly. That part regulates gait, and there could be a need for rehab.

What Happens in Cat Rehab?

The people who are doing the rehab are going to try to get your cat to do certain activities that are fun for it, like hunting or playing. They can make this be a form of exercise. The feline physical therapist may also do some manual moves to help your cat get more range of motion in its limbs.

Another thing that may be done is electrotherapy. This can help your cat's muscles move like they should. All of these activities will be gentle and not stress your feline family member out. The goal is to help them recover, not set them back on their road to recovery.

What To Expect

We have an experienced staff that will do everything possible to make the whole experience a smooth one each and every time. Your cat will be treated well from the very second that you bring it in. We will examine them and look over any notes from their veterinarian. That will help us determine the best course of action for rehabilitation. You will have everything explained in a way that is easy to understand.

It can be hard seeing your cat not be at its physical peak. Fortunately, we can get them back there with some work. Then you'll be able to enjoy seeing them act like their old selves. The rehab would really be worth it, then. We can't wait to get your feline family member feeling good again.

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Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? At Valley Animal Rehabilitation, we're prepared to help cats with physical exercises and other kinds of treatment. If your feline needs some help recovering, contact us today for an appointment.


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