Pet Laser Therapy FAQs

At Valley Animal Rehabilitation, we focus on pet care. One of the procedures we recommend in Montclair is pet laser therapy. We have gathered some of the questions that we run into in regards to pet laser therapy.

What Does Pet Laser Therapy Treat?

Pet laser therapy is used to treat conditions like arthritis, joint pain, hip pain, spine pain, torn ligaments, and even broken bones. It is often administered after surgery or after a pet has suffered from an injury.

What Does The Procedure Entail?

A concentrated light beam is used to target the area of the body that has been afflicted with pain. The light beam is delivered to the area using a hand-held device. The process involved is called photobiomodulation. It works to reduce the level of pain your pet is experiencing by increasing the flow of blood to the source of the pain.

What Changes Will I See?

After the laser therapy is administered, you will see physical improvements almost immediately. This therapy can help a pet stop limping and even allow it to walk and run without being stiff.

When Should Laser Therapy Not Be Used?

There are certain instances where pet laser therapy should not be administered. For example, if there is a medical issue with a pet's eyes, or it has any tumors, this procedure cannot be performed. This also applies to pregnant dogs and cats. Before allowing your pet to undergo this therapy, be sure to inform our veterinarian of any medical conditions affecting your pet.

How Many Treatments Will My Pet Need?

This depends on the nature of the injury or condition. Many pets will only need one treatment to eliminate the pain. The more severe the pain is, the more treatments will be needed.

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