What Can Pet Physical Rehabilitation Treat?

Pet Physical Rehabilitation

When you become sick or injured, you head to the doctor. When the same happens to your pet, you head to the vet. Valley Animal Rehabilitation is proud to help pet owners in Montclair through physical rehabilitation, which can help pets recover from the following conditions.

Treating Injuries

Pets may experience swelling, pain, and reduced range of motion after an injury, particularly after experiencing an injured spine, tendon, muscle, or ligament. Physical rehab will also be beneficial for a pet that has been hit by a car. Animal rehabilitation ensures muscles and joints remain flexible after an injury. Various forms of physical therapy, including underwater treadmill therapy, laser therapy, and massage, can strengthen muscles weakened by injury.

Help Your Pet Recover from Surgery

While surgery can remedy injuries or illnesses, it's also tough on your pet's body. However, physical therapy can help your pet recover more fully, quickly, and comfortably. Underwater treadmill and ultrasound therapies benefit pets after surgery, and laser therapy can reduce inflammation and its associated pain.


Physical rehabilitation helps pets tackle obesity by ensuring their bodies remain flexible, strengthening muscles, and burning calories to help lose some of the extra weight. Hydrotherapy is especially gentle for pets who aren't accustomed to exercise. Even cats will benefit from this rehabilitation method.

Arthritis, Degenerative Joints, Hip Dysplasia or Intervertebral Disc Disease

Some dogs develop chronic inflammation and other musculoskeletal disorders as they age, leading to pain and impaired mobility that interferes with everyday life. However, some dogs develop these conditions earlier than others, and certain breeds are more prone to these conditions than others. While surgery and medication can help, pet rehab is also a good option for pets that need to increase mobility and strength or decrease pain. Weakness in your pet’s rear limbs can also be addressed through pet rehab.


Like other conditions on this list that can prevent your pet from moving normally, paralysis may be treatable with physical therapy. Depending on the cause of the paralysis, physical therapy may restore some mobility or prevent the paralysis from spreading.

Rehab for Pets in Montclair

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