How Can Water Therapy Help Your Pet?

If you have a pet that would benefit from rehabilitation, you may have considered water therapy. Valley Animal Rehabilitation can provide rehab for pets in and around the Montclair area. Hydrotherapy can help your pet get back to living a healthy and pain-free life.

Water Allows Your Pet to Exercise Safely

Water allows your pet to exercise without putting strain on the joints. The water's buoyancy allows your pet to avoid pain during a workout, but the water's natural resistance can still provide the opportunity to build strength. If your pet has an orthopedic or soft tissue injury, water therapy can be a great tool. Additionally, water therapy can help pets lose weight. Obesity can have a major impact on your pet's joints, and therapy can help your pet avoid joint injuries on its weight-loss journey.

Water Therapy Can Be Suitable Even for Fearful Pets

You may wonder if your pet will be able to benefit from water therapy if he or she is afraid of the water. In many cases, pets who are fearful of the water still benefit from treatment. Our animal rehab professionals will help your pet become acquainted with the water so that he or she can feel comfortable during therapy.

Water Therapy Provides Safe Recovery

After a pet's surgery, you may want to find a safe way to encourage a healthy recovery. Not only can hydrotherapy decrease inflammation, but it can also help pets regain flexibility. Older animals that may be living with arthritis may benefit from water therapy following surgery as well.

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Valley Animal Rehabilitation provides water rehab for pets in Montclair and surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to helping your pet every step of the way during his or her recovery process. Call our office today to ensure your pet has access to the best possible therapy for his or her recovery needs.


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